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Pipeline protest holds up natural gas drilling project in Conestoga Township

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Natural gas drillers assigned to a project in Lancaster County were unable to do their job this morning because of protestors. The protest lasted nearly 3 hours and it included prayers, chants and eventually arrests.

The protestors’ pride for Pennsylvania Dutch Country is heightened as natural gas drillers work along the Conestoga River.

Protestor, Carlos Whitewolf says, “If we have to get in front of the bulldozers we will.”

A spokesman for the company, Williams Partners says they have approval from property owner, PPL, to work there. He says there are not state or county permits that are required to take bore samples.

Protestor Mark Clatterbuck says, "That doesn't change our message of why we're here. We told Williams from the start that we reject the project."

Whitewolf says, "They're destroying Mother earth and land and our thing is to let them know Native American presence is strong in Pennsylvania and we'll fight for what's ours."

The fighting came to an end once Southern Regional Police arrived. Despite repeated warnings, police arrested 8 protestors. They were arrested for trespassing on private property. The others say they'll find a new place to express themselves.

Clatterbuck says, "It's hazardous, it's dangerous on level, it reduces property value, it changes our rural way of life, it becomes an industrial highway for our gas line like this."

Police say the eight people arrested face misdemeanor charges.


  • xds45

    Well didn’t building their houses and road to their houses destroy mother earth. Oh I forgot about all the utilities and even that well they drilled for water.

    • Sid

      No, not very “we’ll” said… This is like justifying amputation for a paper cut. Sure, we as humans have made marks on the Earth to survive, but you are comparing basic necessities to an industrial highway that will completely ruin this land. This area is one that has largely been untouched by industry unlike cushy, strip mall-infested suburbia. So to imply it’s been ravaged by the very few amount of people that take up this space is minor to the safety risks, cultural destruction, and valued land that this pipeline will forever change. Humans have made many poor decisions when it comes to preserving the planet, and many of us are guilty of this, but to criticize those actually making an effort to change the path of human destruction that is controlled by corporations and dirty politics, just makes you another arrogant, stubborn, “un-American,” fathead.

  • Judith Stevens

    Maine Town Passes Ordinance Asserting Local Self-Governance and Stripping Corporate Personhood. This town needs to do the same to stop pillaging their land for profit of the few.

  • Land of the Lost

    dig a trench…………drag them in and pour the dirt on them……..then say next and see what other protestors show up

    • Land of the Found

      You’re an idiot. But don’t worry, someday I think we will find a special trench to put you and all of the other idiots in… In fact, I think we need to find that special trench soon. Or maybe not a trench, maybe if we just lure all of the idiots away by placing McDonalds and Walmart on Anarctica, the world’s problems will just disappear. Sorry that you have to be an idiot, I know you can’t help it, you were raised that way.

      • Land of the Found

        And by the way, there’s nothing wrong with the people who go to McDonalds and Walmart. We just need McDonalds and Walmart to disappear altogether so that they’re no longer an option… It’s not idiotic to consume there…. it’s cheap.

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