Carlisle Police Department explores idea of body cameras

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The Carlisle Police Department is looking into buying body cameras for all officers. The move comes amid a national debate about how police do their jobs.

Chief Stephen Margeson is celebrating is 25th anniversary with the Carlisle Police Department. He's seen a lot of change over those years, but body cameras would be a first. He says they're not just beneficial to police officers, but the community, too.

"The video tape doesn't lie, there's no dispute what was captured," says Chief Margeson.

The department has been researching different types of body cameras for about a year. The mayor is on board with the idea, and with the recent high profile incidents in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York City, it seems like the next step.

"We weren't prompted by a specific incident, but I think some of those incidents certainly reinforce that we should be looking into this," says Margeson.

Some cameras can sell for a few hundred dollars a piece, but Margeson believes the cameras may actually be a cost saver.

"Having it on video tape eliminates a lot of the questions and the need for either party to contest it and go to court," says Margeson.

Those who patrol the streets agree. Sgt. Adolfo Heredia recalls a time when he wished he had a body camera.

"I was accused of misconduct by a third party, someone who wasn't even there at the scene, it would've completely contradicted everything that was said," says Sgt. Heredia.

Chief Margeson says there are still legal matters to work out which makes the process of using body cameras slower here than in other states. He hopes to purchase the equipment sometime this year.

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