Goats go green by gorging on discarded Christmas trees

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Presents have already been opened, the stockings have been checked and the tree is ready to be thrown out, which means for the goats on John Connelly's farm in Hummelstown, Christmas is right now!

For the last three years Connolly has been running Grazing Green Goats LLC, a landscaping company that provides an eco-friendly alternative to pesticides by letting goats kill the weeds. However, during winter, especially around Christmas, they tend to get hungry. "The trees right now represent a green source of food for them. Obviously in the winter time the only green source they have is the preserved hay that we have in the barn," said Connolly.

The pine needles do much more than satiate the goat's hunger... They help to clean the pipes. "It's also a great natural de-wormer. The pine trees have an effect with them as far as a reaction in their intestines and it cleans them out good," said Connolly. All the goats have names. There are about fifty of them in one pen that eat six Christmas a day. It takes them just a few minutes to pick one clean of all the nettles.

Connolly said each goat is a part of his family, making for some hungry relatives. Meaning if you still have your tree it may be time to let it go. "If you're ready to take them down and throw them out the front door or the back door call Grazing Green Goats," said Connolly.

If you would like to give Grazing Green Goats a call their number is: 717-350-5204

You can also visit the Grazing Green Goats website by clicking here.

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