Kane declares she did nothing illegal… calls attacks on her political

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HARRISBURG, PA (WPMT)  Amid calls for her resignation after reports of a grand jury recommendation that criminal charges be filed against her, embattled Pa Attorney General Kathleen Kane issued a statement late this afternoon.
“I did nothing illegal. Period. Any fair and impartial review of the facts would conclude that. This seems to me to be another political attack on my attempt to clean up Harrisburg and its political culture.
They have fought me all the way, including an effort to impeach me.
Since taking office, I have torn up their questionable contracts, cleaned up their investigations, broke their pornography ring and prosecuted corrupt officials.
I will continue to clean up Harrisburg, despite these attacks that seem to be more about politics than the merits.”

Kathleen Kane, Pennsylvania Attorney General

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  • OneMan'sOpinion

    The charges against her will go through due process and do not have any bearing on the job she is doing.

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