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Police seek tractor trailer in I-81 hit and run incident

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY, PA(WPMT)  A tractor trailer side swiped a car on the Harrisburg Pike at the I-81 overpass slamming the vehicle into the concrete of the overpass in Middlesex Township.  It resulted in severe damage on both sides of the car.

The driver of the car was injured and the tractor trailer fled the scene last seen south on I-81. The driver of the car, an unidentified woman, sat along side the road for nearly five minutes, in shock and unable to call for help, before someone stopped to help and call police.

The incident happened at around 4:45 pm during peak rush hour. No witnesses have contacted police with information, nor did anyone stay at the scene to render aid or provide information.

Anyone who witnessed this incident and has information on the striking vehicle, such as trucking company name, plate number, etc., is urged to call Middlesex Township Police at (717) 249-7191.

There are no cameras at the overpass. No further description of the striking vehicle is available.