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Teacher under investigation for inappropriate contact with several students

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DAUPHIN COUNTY, PA (WPMT) A Dauphin County teacher is under investigation for Corruption of Minors, after reports of inappropriate contact involving several female students at Williams Valley Middle School in Tower City.

Pennsylvania State Police say the alleged contact was via social media.


  • Heather Romberger

    Why don’t they look into the middle school science teacher at Millersburg Middle School. It has been reported many
    times about the contact the divorced middle school science teacher has and had with male students, mostly
    athletes, since the early to mid 2000s’. She texts them, calls them, has them to her house etc. She calls it
    “mentoring” but there is a fine line. Maybe if their was one child and the school district ASSIGNED you as a
    mentor to this child, but to hang around middle school boys in groups, text them, call them, just doesn’t seem
    right. These facts were told to Sherry Lee Knorr, the retired superintendent but it seems nothing was ever
    investigated to find out if there was more to the story than just mentoring.

    • OneMan'sOpinion

      Perhaps they have looked into it, found it to be legit, and you just aren’t in the circle of people who need to know further. It’s just a thought. Because if it has been found to be on the up and up, slandering and ruining this teacher’s life would suck royally. Don’t you agree?

      • Joe

        Forgive me but, by your own admission you have admitted to being a school employee. Be that janitor or superintendent , you are biased and have no business expressing an opinion in any form. Talk to your union shop steward before you run your mouth. The law will take its course.

        • OneMan'sOpinion

          I am not a school employee. One of my jobs includes working with schools and school children for over two decades. (keep you guessing) Furthermore, I have only ever been a part of a union for 8 hours which had nothing to do with schools. (long story)
          My comment above is saying the same thing to Heather Romberger that you said above; The law will take its course and she may not not be privy to the information yet, if at all.
          Your union hatred blinds you to the thought of the possibility that a caring teacher might be decimated by accusations which have not been substantiated. I’m not pro or anti union. I cannot take sides in that which I have not had experience with.

    • mr. french

      What is taught in college? Why all this french language? Is not the transformed american english enough ?

  • Whatta Joke

    What else would you expect from a district where the Superintendent leaves his wife for the elementary guidance counselor?

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