An illegal crop in PA that could help sick people makes its way to Farm Show

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At the Pennsylvania Farm Show, a Lebanon County alpaca farmer is keeping her animals at home so she can educate others on a product that’s not legal in the Commonwealth.

From cows to cannabis, this year’s farm show is expanding in agriculture.

Alpaca farmer, Monica Kline says, "For every one person we have that says no it's dangerous, we've had 9 say, could you tell me more about this or what you're trying to do."

Kline spent 11 years showing off her alpacas in the North West Hall of the complex. She and her husband say they've made the right choice when they gave up their spot for Medical Pot.

Kline says, "We go through 2-3 thousand of these brochures in eight days farm show week. This year, with our medical cannabis booth, we've given out 2000 of these in two days."

The Klines are here every day because they support the medicine. Kline says, "My husband is a vet, spent 22 years in Vietnam he knows what sick people look like and he knows how wonderful it can be if you get the right medicine to help them heal."

Louann Stanley, of Mechanicsburg, helps run the booth. She says medical cannabis will, "help people with PTSD, epilepsy, cancer patients, glaucoma, Alzheimer's, chronic pain patients."

Stanley's daughter, Dianna, suffered from seizures wince she was nine. She says, "She was a shell, inside of herself, we knew she was there, but she wasn't responding and I saw how a little girl was able to go from 100's of seizures a day to having none."

State lawmakers are working on legalizing medical cannabis. It will be reintroduced in the State Senate as Senate Bill 3 by the end of the month.


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