Businesses raising money for New Cumberland River Rescue

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Several New Cumberland businesses are joining together to raise funds for the New Cumberland River Rescue to help defray costs associated with the search for missing teenager Medard Kowalski.

A fundraiser will be held on Wednesday, January 14, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the Cedar Cliff Subway Restaurant in the Cedar Cliff Mall.

"Everyday [they are] going out there, and [with] the equipment they are using, it's very expensive to do that. I know it has depleted their funds so we are just trying to help the River Rescue, so they can help the family," said Kathy George, owner of the Cedar Cliff Subway. George plans to donate 10% of all sales on Wednesday to the river rescue.

Several of George’s employees are friends with Medard Kowalski, who went missing while hunting on December 1, 2014.  "A lot of my young employees are classmates with Medard. I wanted to reach out and do something for the River Rescue and for my  employees," said George.

“This is just one way we can help defray the costs that they are spending on equipment breaking down and to get fuel everyday they are out there doing the searches,”  said JoLynn Weist-Mascaro, owner of Weist Hardware.  Weist co-organized fundraising efforts with George, and has been involved with the New Cumberland Rescue since she was a child. She is also friends with the Kowalski family. "It's extremely hard. I have spent lot of sleepless nights thinking about how no one should ever have to do this," said Weist-Mascaro.

A donation jar is also be available at Subway and at Weist Hardware. For more information, click here.

More than a dozen businesses have helped support the cause. "There was a meeting of the board of directors of the New Cumberland Business and Professional Group. We brought up the topic that the river rescue was struggling with finances," said JoLynn Weist-Mascaro. Some of the businesses have donated raffle items.

List of raffle items:

  • Dirt Devil cordless hand vacuum
  • $25 Gift Certificate from Edible Arrangements
  • Two Hershey Bears Hockey Tickets
  • $25 Gift Certificate from Weist Hardware
  • 45 Minute Massage Therapy Session from Intuitive Bodywork Massage Therapy
  • $25 Gift Certificate from Oxford Hall Celtic Shop
  • 3-Foot Party Sub from Cedar Cliff Subway
  • USB Portable Charger Courtesy of TeamBrandt Marketing
  • Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender
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