Young girl’s balloon ‘letter to heaven’ for dad found 435 miles away

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AUBURN, Calif. -- A young girl wrote a letter to her dead father on the sides of a star-shaped balloon, released her message to the sky -- and it eventually landed in the right hands.

According to KOVR, Jacob Brandt was leaving a restaurant after lunch last week when he found the balloon crumpled up on the ground. He asked the restaurant workers for a garbage can so he could throw it away.

But owner Lisa Swisley took a closer look at the balloon, and immediately realized it wasn't just trash.

It said: "Happy birthday, dad. I will always be your little girl dad. Don't forget that. I miss you."

Swisley found a name written on the balloon, and was able to find the girl on Facebook. She lived about 400 miles away.

Swisley wanted to do something special for the girl, so she began collecting donations on Facebook to send her a care package with jewelry, photo albums and letters.

"She asked in the letter to send her a sign and so...I don't know maybe it came here for a reason," Swisley told KOVR.


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  • amanda Sawyer

    It touched my heart to read this because my dad and my aunt are in heaven and I send a balloon to them all the time just to say hello, there’s nothing written on it but I feel they know it’s from me and this gives me done hope that even if they don’t get it in heaven that when someone else gets it they probably know what it means to me because I’m not the only one who does it! Thank you for showing that there are still good people out there :-)

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