Police; New Jersey man found with nearly 25,000 packets of heroin

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A New Jersey man was arrested along interstate 81 near Harrisburg after police said they caught him transporting nearly 25,000 packets of heroin.

According to state police in Harrisburg, Kevin Owen Neil, 26, of Bayonne, was stopped Friday night along the  Paxtonia/Linglestown exit at mile marker 71.6 in Lower Paxton Township.  During the stop police found  24,993 packets of heroin inside his vehicle.

Neil has been charged with possession with intent to deliver, criminal use of a communication facility, and possession of a controlled substance.

He is currently being held in Dauphin County Prison in lieu of $200,000 cash bail.


  • OneMan'sOpinion

    Must have sucked to be the person to count each packet.
    Ask the dude how many people he thinks would have overdosed and died from that stash. We’d all like to hear his answer.
    .004% is one person.

    • Tina

      That Is why Drug Dealers should get Premeditated Murder charges. They KNOW that crap they are selling has the potential to kill! I say fry him!!! Just think, if not for a traffic stop, it would be on the streets RIGHT NOW!!!

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