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18-year-old plans to marry long lost father

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An 18-year-old woman from the Great Lakes region says that she has been in a romantic relationship with her biological father for two years.  The two wish to remain anonymous.

She said that her father and mother had her when they were both 18 themselves, but broke up while her mother was still pregnant.  The women said that she’d had only a brief relationship with her father as a child, and then they had been estranged for many years.

The two reunited when she was 17 after he had spent years trying to contact her.  She believes her mother was actively keeping them from having a relationship.

As a teenager she said that she didn’t date very much, but identifies as bisexual.

When she reunited with her father, she said there was an instant attraction, but she didn’t realize it was a sexual attraction for a few days.

Within a few days of meeting again, she said that she lost her virginity to her father.  She called it a very “passionate, loving, fulfilling” experience.

They both insist that there was no sexual abuse when she was a child, and he was not attracted to her when she was young.

She says that they are in love and plan to get married.  Her mother’s side of the family only see them as father and daughter, but she said her father’s side knows about the relationship and are supportive.

They plan to move to New Jersey where adult incest isn’t illegal, and hope to have a big family.  Although their marriage will not be legal, their relationship will be.

She says that after doing research, she isn’t concerned about genetic problems and that it  only “happens when there’s years of inbreeding, like with the royal family.”

The woman was interviewed about her relationship with her father in a study about “Genetic Sexual Attraction” (GSA).

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  • king ruddy

    Grotesque,like dogs! New Jersey sick place to reside!Might be better in the Old Continent! I called the United States the New World!The Indians founded it ,as of accuracy! Vroom,Vroom!The potato heads lie too!

  • OneMan'sOpinion

    Ya know….I just don’t feel like commenting on the story. I can’t come up with enough adjectives without profanity. However, I will tell the writer that “women” is the plural for “woman”, and a comma is not correct punctuation in the “bisexual” sentence.

  • Joe.

    On the morality of it, I have no opinion. However, the genetics are dangerous regardless what their uneducated opinion is. On that note, I think they should sign a waiver that frees taxpayers from footing the bill for birth defects that cost millions over the lifetime of the victim of this kind of willful stupidity.

    • Tom

      So should older women not be allowed to have children as well? Older women are highly likely to give birth to genetically defect children, yet the taxpayers have to “foot the bill” for them. That doesn’t mean we make it illegal for women to bear children later in their fertile life. You can’t say a marriage/relationship is right or wrong based only on the likelihood of their children being born with defects; otherwise it would be illegal for a LOT of people in this country to reproduce.

  • Brightart

    So, the child’s mother will also be her half-sister (?) and her father will be her grandfather????What the What!

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