Boehner tailors Swift gifs in Obama attack

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House Speaker John Boehner turned to an unorthodox messenger for his pitch to young Americans panning President Barack Obama’s proposal to offer free community college for everyone: Taylor Swift.

The GOP leader paired Swift gifs and GOP argumentsopposed to the proposal in a blog item posted to his site Friday that quickly went viral.

While the community college proposal “sounded exciting at first,” Boehner’s staff writes — paired with a gif of Swift to illustrate the excitement — “when President Obama said ‘free’ what he meant was ’60 Billion dollars over 10 years.'”

“Not even all the Taylor Swift album sales in the world would cover that bill,” the post declares, atop a gif of Swift looking perturbed.

The post goes on to suggest Obama’s proposal would either require a tax hike or else contribute to the national debt, accompanied by clips from Swift’s music videos that range from infuriated to goofy.

Instead, Boehner’s office proposes: “Wouldn’t it be better if we just worked together to lower costs for folks across the board and improve our children’s education?” as Swift applauds in a clip from an awards show.

“Looks like an apology is in order Mr. President,” the post continues.

Boehner spokesman Michael Steel told the Daily Dot the post was an effort to “reach people where they are.”

“We are always looking for fun, effective ways to communicate with the American people about President Obama’s failed policies, and our better solutions,” he said.

Swift is a safe pick for the party as it looks to expand its appeal to younger voters in time for the 2016 elections. While Swift has matured over her career, she hasn’t turned to raunchy moves or lyrics to shed her squeaky-clean teen persona.

Indeed, Boehner’s not the only Republican to turn to Taylor Swift to say what their own words can’t.

Newly-minted Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst said she would “shake it off” when outgoing Sen. Tom Harkin compared her to Swift.

And Sen. Ted Cruz’s digital strategist is a huge fan of the pop star.

Republicans know there’s a blank space on young voters’ ballots heading into 2016.

Verdict’s still out, though, on whether the GOP love for T Swift will get Millennials to write the GOP’s name.


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