Demonstrators stage ‘die-in’ at Pennsylvania Farm Show

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This 'die-in' staged in Harrisburg earlier today is more than just a protest. Organizers say it's about honoring those that came before them, like Martin Luther King Jr. -- and his message.

"He was talking about direct action. Why direct action? Why sit-ins? Why protests? Why marches? When all we could do is negotiate," said Angela Kirkland.

The group is known as This Stops Today Harrisburg and they want to be heard; which is why they felt the Pennsylvania Farm Show was a prime location.

"That's the whole point of this. Direct action is to raise awareness, it's to raise consciousness," added Kirkland, a group member.

The group formed after grand juries didn't indict police officers in the deaths of Michael Brown in Missouri and Eric Garner in New York. Their focus here in Harrisburg is to bring about change and reform. They say one way to do that is to bring diversity within the police force.

"We're continually marginalized. It's very very important that we do see people who look like us," Kirkland said.

The group held two town hall meetings in Harrisburg this past week and plan to hold a city-wide summit with community leaders in the coming months. All in an effort to improve race relations between police and the people of Harrisburg.

Back at the Farm Show, they were met with opposition. Some people shouted phrases like 'white lives matter,' including one man, who confronted the protesters. He was later escorted off the property by State Police. The group also took their protest inside the farm show but they too were escorted outside.

They say this is just the beginning for them though and it starts with the Harrisburg Police Department. "We will maintain our position of good faith with them," said Kirkland.

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  • OneMan'sOpinion

    Generalizations like this polarize. Each case where a life (including an officer and regardless of race) was lost in confrontation with law enforcement must be considered separately on the available facts. A movement without solid basis on facts won’t be taken seriously after the mob mentality subsides.

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