Multi-car pileup near Philadelphia area claims three lives

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Photo Credit: Penndot from FOX

Philadelphia, PA (via myfoxphilly)- Icy conditions along Interstate 76 East of Philadelphia caused a massive pile up of more than 20 cars Sunday morning.

Reports say, State police in Philadelphia said a crash involving 30 to 50 vehicles along Interstate 76  killed one person, and two others died in a crash involving multiple vehicles on Interstate 476.

Freezing rain and slick road conditions were to blame for the accidents. The Interstate was closed for more than 4 hours on Sunday officials said.



  • Frederick Altland

    You have to pay more to use the turnpike and this continues. Yet another reason to abolish all lazy union workers. You would think after the last time this happened they would make sure the pay road was safe. Insurance companies should start sueing state governmenrts for their loss.

    • OneMan'sOpinion

      Ah yes. We all know the union makes the decisions on when to service the road. Management has no say in when to do it. Get real.

  • OneMan'sOpinion

    Too bad people don’t pay attention to temperatures and weather reports and adjust their driving speeds so that they can stop. Having driven on those roads in that area before, I recall normal speeds exceeding the limit by 20 mph, just like US-30 from York to Lancaster.

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