Inauguration ceremony of Pennsylvania’s 47th governor, Tom Wolf

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With his hand on his family’s Bible and standing before a crowd of thousands of people on Tuesday, Tom Wolf took the oath of office. “I, Thomas Westerman Wolf, do solemnly swear,” said the 47th Governor, Tom Wolf (D) Pennsylvania.

The Inauguration ceremony was simple and patriotic.

York County Judge Penny Blackwell performed the swearing-in. The ceremony had a Pennsylvania theme, with a number of special touches from Governor Wolf's hometown, York County. From the Northeastern High School Marching Band, to the singer of the national anthem, and even the blessing, all done by people from York County.

Governor Wolf's Inauguration speech focused on a "fresh start" for Pennsylvania, and he vowed to rebuild to middle class.

"For the next four years my administration will be dedicated to these three simple things: first, jobs that pay, second, schools that teach, and third, a government that works," said Wolf.

People in the crowd said they connected with his message, including Dolly Martin from West York. "It was exactly what I thought it would be. He is a real guy, talks like a real person, who wants real stuff for us," said Martin.

The former businessman talked about being a different kind of leader. "I'm going to be an unconventional governor. For example, I may be the first governor in the history of Pennsylvania who ever operated a forklift," laughed Governor Wolf.

Kathy Gingerich is also from York County. She is a Republican but voted for Tom Wolf. "I really like what he is working toward and his background. I think it gives him a real good chance of being successful," said Gingerich.