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Friday looking quiet with sunshine

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Quiet evening expected with clouds slowly departing. Winds are a tad breezy out of the northwest but will lighten up overnight. Temperatures will fall through the upper 30s to the upper 20s by 10pm.

Evening Forecast
We are going to finally see the sunshine return to end the week thanks to high pressure building in. Morning lows with mostly clear skies will be chilly but seasonal in the low to mid 20s. Skies remain bright through the afternoon but clouds will slide back in and continue to build into the late evening. Highs will be cool in the mid 30s.

Where You Live
We are watching our next system ride up the coast but as of now it looks like a fast mover. Plus, we do not have a blocking high which would typically provide much colder air and an easterly fetch pulling in moisture. However, our southern and eastern cities will be on the northern fringe of the system. And, temperatures profiles are marginal so we are still expecting a wintry mix. A wet slushy snow, sleet mix will fall as early as the wee morning hours of Saturday. The precipitation will shut off by 1pm as the storm pulls away.

Explainer 1

Clouds will clear out slowly overnight. Morning lows start in the upper 20s while highs should warm to the mid to upper 30s. Sunday looks quiet with a return of sunshine for the start of the day but the next clipper will race eastward quickly. Clouds thicken and flakes are likely in the evening and overnight period. Most of the snow will fall during the morning commute Monday into the afternoon. This system is packing more of a punch and arriving with more moisture so it is quite possible we will see several inches of snow out of it. Highs will only budge about 4 degrees to around 34 from the morning low of 30. Much colder air follows for Tuesday through Thursday where morning lows plummet to the low to mid teens and highs, despite sunshine, are slow to warm through the mid to upper 20s. It looks like a quiet couple of days precipitation free.

MaryEllen Pann, Chief Meteorologist
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