Niece of fatal hit and run victim says others could learn lesson from uncle

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Loved ones of a Lancaster County man who was killed in a hit and run on Sunday night are still in shock.

Lindsay Carney's is still coping with the tragic events leading to her uncle's death.

She says, "Every now and again something will happen or hit us that takes you off guard and send you right back again."

Lancaster Police say Brandon Michael Bleecher, 23,  hit Charles Leayman, 68, at the intersection of Lemon and Mary Streets on Sunday. Police say Bleecher drove away leaving Leayman in critical condition.

Lt. Todd Umstead of the Lancaster City Police says, "There's no excuse for leaving the scene. A human being was in the street dying and this individual chose to run away from that."

On Tuesday, Leayman died. Police say Bleecher faces at least five charges including driving with a suspended license. Lt. Umstead says tips led police to Bleecher.

He says, "Even if it's something minor, just a little information gets us going in the right direction."

Flowers were placed near the cross walk where Leayman was struck. Family says they're a clear indication of how well-liked he was in the community.

Carney says, "The friends he's made over the years, they made an impression on him and he held everyone dear, it could have been me or my mom, or someone he met two days ago and he would treat them the same."

Carney says others could learn from Uncle Chuck.

Carney says, "The epitome of small acts of kindness go a long way. He would give up a seat for somebody r say hello or pick something, I've never heard a mean word out of him."


  • OneMan'sOpinion

    What? No mention of whether he was wearing dark clothing and crossing where there were no street lights?

    • commondecencyiskey

      First you can see the street lights on in the video. It was taken where be was crossing, in a cross walk. Second if the person who hit him had any sort of common decency he would have stopped and took responsibility for his actions, not left him laying in a gutter to die. What he was wearing is no excuse for the actions of the person who hit him. Any decent human would have stopped. Add to that, this was the third time this kid hit and run.First two times he hit property. Now he’s killed someone. He needs to go to jail and stay there. Murder is murder And his careless behavior caused it.

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