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Amtrak Preps for pending Winter Storm

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Amtrak forces are preparing for the potential of a highly disruptive winter storm to impact the Northeast Corridor during the early part of the coming week.  With extreme conditions expected in some areas over the next 24 to 36 hours, crews are actively monitoring the latest forecasts and planning for the possibility that service adjustments may be necessary.

Amtrak is planning to operate a normal Monday schedule, but may re-evaluate as conditions warrant.  Announcements about service changes will be made as far in advance as possible, but passengers holding reservations for travel late Monday and early Tuesday are strongly encouraged to keep a close eye on conditions and make any necessary changes in advance of their scheduled departure.

A wide range of tools are available to assist with travel planning including, the Amtrak mobile apps (available for iPhone, Android & Windows phones) and 1-800-USA-RAIL.

Following is a summary of major preparation activities already underway:

Equipment Positioning – To more quickly respond to potential problems, diesel locomotives and on-track maintenance equipment are strategically positioned in designated locations along the Northeast Corridor.  Should downed trees or limbs disable the overhead electrical system, diesel power can help move trains when it is safe to do so, and on-track equipment can be dispatched to make any necessary infrastructure repairs.

Tree Trimming Crews – To supplement standard coverage, independent contractors are on standby to quickly respond to reports of trees or limbs down along the right-of-way, which could damage the overhead electrical system or prevent safe passage of trains.  Amtrak engages in a regular year-round tree trimming program to proactively minimize such impacts.

Additional Staffing – Mechanical, engineering and operations forces are mobilizing additional crews to ensure safe and efficient operation of the railroad.  Additional on-board staff are also on standby and ready to respond should a re-crewing need arise.

Amtrak’s top priority is the safety of our passengers, employees and the traveling public.  Anyone planning to travel during the storm is urged to allow extra time and be extremely careful in and around stations, on platforms and on-board trains.