Crews prep for winter storm; Governor says state is prepared

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The snowfall is sure to have a major impact on the morning commute. PennDOT crews were on the road as early as 7 a.m. Sunday morning, pre-treating the roads with salt brine, all in preparation for the storm.

"When we first come in, we check our trucks out, make sure everything is in order, plow blades, wing plow blades, all the fluids and everything," said Dave Miller, Equipment Operator Specialist with PennDOT.

Miller is a plow truck driver for PennDOT, plowing interstate roads in nearly every snow storm for the last 27 years.

"I'm trying to keep the roads safe and I do the best I can at it," Miller added.

He's one of 74 drivers clearing the roads throughout York County. "I take care of I-83 from the 581 split down to Strinestown," he added.

And once the snow starts, the night patrols begin. "We start plowing once it gets about an inch and a half to two inches on the road surface," said Michael Summerville, Assistant Highway Maintenance Manager with PennDOT.

PennDOT has 97,000 tons of salt, enough to get Central Pennsylvania through at least 30 storms. Over at a PennDOT stockpile in Newberry Township, York County, PennDOT has 1,000 tons of salt ready for use.

Governor Tom Wolf toured that stockpile facility Sunday evening, meeting with crews and checking out the equipment.

"Everybody is doing their best to prepare for this. This could be a big event for us in Pennsylvania, especially the east and I think we're ready for action," said Governor Wolf.

For some Pennsylvanians, dealing with all this weather action is just part of the norm.

"I don't know if I like it or not but it's part of living in South Central Pennsylvania so I'll take it with whatever the weather brings. That's fine," said Carlton Shank of Newberry Township, York County.

PennDOT will have 24-hour coverage throughout the duration of the storm to ensure all the roads are clear just in time for the morning commute. More crews are expected to come in at midnight.

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