Getting Ready for the Big Game with Olivia’s

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We are in the kitchen getting you ready for the big game this weekend.  Harry Tassou from Olivia’s Mediterranean Restaurant in Gettysburg is showing us how to make lobster roll topped with lobster ceviche.

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1Lb.       Lobster Tail

2 Tblsp. Fresh Chopped Celery

1 tsp.     Fresh Lemon juice

pinch     Old Bay

3 Tblsp. Mayonnaise

Steam Lobster tail until internal temp. is 140 . Remove meat. Discard shell. Set meat aside to chill. Finely dice celery and place into mixing bowl. Add Mayo,Old Bay and lemon juice. Mix well. Chop lobster Meat and toss into mix.


1    LB.          Lobster Meat

4   Tblsp.       Fresh Lime Juice

2   Tblsp.       Fresh Cilantro

1   Tsp.          Fresh chopped scallion

1/4 Cup         Chopped bell pepper ( assorted colors)

1/2 Cup         Diced European Cucumber

1/2 Cup         Olivias House Dressing ( Balsamic Vinaigrette )

1/4 Cup         Heirloom cherry tomatoes ( assorted colors )

1tsp.             fresh chopped garlic

Finely- chop cilantro, bell peppers, scallions, fresh garlic and cucumber.Halve the cherry tomatoes.Toss in mixing bowl. Add fresh squeezed lime juice and Olivia's own House Dressing. Toss in chopped lobster . Cover and refrigerate.

Chipotle bbq glazed salmon sliders

Topped w our crisp honey bacon and melted cheddar cheese

Crab Nachos

We start with our own Grecian crab dip filled w lots of Mediterranean goodies such as Kalamata olives, roasted sweet red pepper, artichoke hearts and a bit of garlic but don't forget the lump crab, cream cheese, & Romano cheese.  The crab dip is then poured over crisp corn tortillas along with jalapeño slivers, diced tomatoes & cheddar cheese all baked to a perfect golden brown.

Cape Cod in honor of the Patriots

Classic New England drink of vodka, cranberry juice and fresh squeezed lime...

Roasty toasty in honor of the Seahawks

Seattle's own Starbucks pike place roast coffee

Amaretto, vanilla vodka, Kahlua, and a hint of cream topped off w whipped cream & almond slivers.