Minimum wage bill would raise it from $7.25 to $10.10

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State Senator Christine Tartaglione (D-2ND) introduced a package of bills to raise the minimum wage in Pennsylvania from $7.25 to $10.10.

She says more than 87,000 Pennsylvanians are paid minimum wage and she thinks she can get support for the bill, after it was stonewalled in recent years.

“President Obama has called for raising the minimum wage, Governor Wolf has, the political climate is a lot different now,” she says.

Other bills in the package would raise the state’s tipped minimum wage for service workers and tie the wage to the Consumer Price Index, so it wouldn’t need to be voted on to be increased again.

But at the National Federation of Independent Business, officials say a higher minimum wage could force businesses to reduce the number of jobs.

“They may not be laying people off but they’re certainly not going to be hiring people, and at a time when we’re trying to get the economy up and rolling, raising the minimum wage is just horrible public policy,” says PA executive director Kevin Shivers.

He says studies show minimum wage workers are mostly young, under age 24, and most go on to make more money after six months.

But the Senator says these are jobs workers rely on, and Pennsylvania’s wage lags behind every surrounding state’s.

“The only kind of jobs that we are making, unfortunately, are minimum wage jobs,” she says.


  • OneMan'sOpinion

    Excuses, excuses, for not paying a wage that can sustain better. Currently, minimum wage workers are usually overworked and doing work that involves higher physical exertion than those paid higher wages. They at least deserve a $10 bill for each hour of that work….and THAT is before taxes are removed. Shame on you people who cry about paying someone more than $7.25 with all of your excuses.
    It hasn’t scaled to inflation and the cost of living. After taxes and any insurance plans, it’s more like a kids’ allowance.

    • xds45

      So how much physical exertion is required to work at a fast food restaurant I guess that’s why they moved the soda fountain from behind the counter because the sandwich’s were getting real heavy.

      • OneMan'sOpinion

        I might go into a fast food place once every month. I never see any chairs behind the counter and don’t see anyone on their cell phones.

  • terri

    Have you tried to pay rent or buy diapers or pay car insurance or buy groceries off of minimum wage…lots of kids fresh out of college can’t get a job in there field and now have to pay car payments and student loans off of minimum is a joke and it’s time to raise makers give themselves a raise so why can’t the working poor have one…come on Pennsylvania time to move with the current rate of inflation..

    • xds45

      What funny is yesterday I read a article about a local company that can’t find new hires and they we paying , I think$16 to $19 per hour. Some people cry the blues that there no real jobs out there but in fact they just don’t want to work the hours the company is hiring them for.

      • OneMan'sOpinion

        Another fact is that wages at those rates typically require skills and experience that are out of reach. Some people are not medically able to handle the duties of truck driving, yet those jobs are a-plenty. Some companies will have 100-200 applicants for a job paying that high and turn everyone away because no one has the 5 years experience that the company wants. One company that I work for turns people away if they do not pass a psychological aptitude test because the test indicates they may not be suited for the job.

        • xds45

          Well it wasn’t a truck driving job I was talking about. I looked up the article again and they are looking for mechanically inclined candidates but they also have to have a HS diploma or GED pass a drug screening and background check. I do stand corrected the pay was18 – 22 per hr. They said nothing about 5yrs of experience. he company was The New Standard Corp in Hellam.

          • OneMan'sOpinion

            I used truck driving as an example. But guess what ? You’re in luck! I know a man that works at that plant and he busts his butt, forced into overtime and even forced shutdowns every once in a while.

        • xds45

          Well I’ll reply here. You provide my point. Well if they could get qualified people maybe he would have forced OT. Shut downs almost every factory has a shutdowns but 18 – 22 per hr is still better than minimum wage.

          • OneMan'sOpinion

            Here is the reply from my friend at that plant to me about that job opening:
            “Running a press sucks its loud oily and dangerous and you don’t get to drive a forklift and they usually do mandatory ot on holidays.”

    • OneMan'sOpinion

      Pass a law that requires minimum wage to increase at a proportional rate whenever lawmakers raise their own wages. ie) 2% wage increase for lawmakers = automatic 2% minimum wage increase
      (state rate and federal rate depending on which lawmakers raise their own wages)

      BTW: About diapers – I say do everything possible to prevent or delay having children until later in life because that is a major weight holding people back.

  • Julie S.

    Young people are not the only ones making minimum wages. I lost my job and now at 56, I too only make minimum wage. So this really needs to get passed.

  • king ruddy

    Unfortunately they tell them what to do(sic),you need a $15 hour minimum!The rulers over the government run us to ruin!

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