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Pa seeks death penalty for accused killer Eric Frein

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PIKE COUNTY, PA (WPMT) The prosecution will seek the death for accused killer Eric Frein. District Attorney Raymond Tonkin formally filed court documents today in Pike County charging Frein with multiple counts of murder in the shooting death of Pennsylvania State Trooper Bryon K. Dickson, II.

Frein allegedly ambushed Trooper Dickson at State Police Blooming Grove Barracks during a shift change last September.

Charges include Murder of the 1st Degree, and Murder of a Law Enforcement Officer of the 1st Degree. Frein is also charged with Criminal Attempt to Commit Murder of the First Degree in the shooting of Trooper Alex Douglass. A total of 12 felony counts were filed in the shooting.

Tonkin also filed court papers the outlined the aggravating circumstances for seeking the death penalty upon conviction for Frein.

Notice to Seek Death Penalty-Frein

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  • xds45

    Why waste the money on a death sentence case he’ll just live in prison for 30+ yrs. You could have a video, DNA, and he would confess to it but he’ll still live out 30+ yrs.

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