East York Elementary student predicts the “deflate-gate” Patriots scandal

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Meet the modern day Nostradamus. His name is Jackson Black and he's a football fortune teller with some very strong opinions. "The Patriots are cheaters and who wants to cheer for a cheater? It's not the first time they've done something like this," said the East York Elementary student.

Black said he knew the New England Patriots would be accused of deflating their footballs before they stepped onto the field against the Colts in the now infamous game known as "deflate-gate." And it was all thanks to a science project that was given a week before the AFC championship game.

Black turned in a presentation that shows exactly what deflating the air in a football can do to a game. One of his examples was Tom Brady.

Black did three tests demonstrating how far a football can be thrown when air is taken out. Every test showed the same result. "I learned that how much air is in a football can effect how far it's thrown, if there is less air it can go a farther distance," said Black.

As for his Super Bowl picks... Black thinks the Seahawks will win 35-14. We'll see if he's right on Sunday.


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