Harrisburg parents speak out against officers in schools

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In Harrisburg, parents opposed two ideas aimed at making schools safer. A crowd attended the Wednesday night Harrisburg School Board meeting.

The board is considering a contract to use metal detectors in schools. They’re also weighing a plan, proposed by Police Chief Thomas Carter, to hire six resource officers for the schools.

The resource officers would help manage fighting in the schools, and the Chief says they would help foster community relationships.

The meeting drew a crowd. The majority of parents disliked both ideas.

“It seems like a setup for our kids to be put in prison, for them to set them up to get used to being in jail,” said one parent, “To have cops walking them down to lunch, or going through metal detectors, that just seems like a setup for me.”

“We already have children who have family members, that live across this country that are affected by some of the police brutality and some of the jumping the gun, so to speak, that’s happening, and so now you’re going to take our children and put them in the same predicament,” said another parent.

Some parents said police officers should visit the school, instead of being there all the time.

Now, students at Harrisburg High School will discuss the issue in forums. The school board was happy to have the feedback.

“I’m encouraged that they understand that we do have a discipline problem so I’m glad that they acknowledge that problem now it’s about getting the solution,” said Danielle Robinson, chair of the Community Relations Committee.