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York school board, parents, and students continue the fight against charter schools while lawmakers meet with Gov. Wolf

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For the first time since a Judge granted the York City School District’s appeal for receivership, parents, students, and school board members rallied to show they still plan to fight. The judge granted the appeal last month but it could be a full year until the appeal goes to court. School board president, Margie Orr, says the York city school board did its due diligence by fighting to get Judge Linebaugh to grant an appeal. But, she says now it’s up to the teachers to get schools back on track.

"It's about our kids, for the state it's always been about finances. But with this board it's always been about our children," said board president, Margie Orr.

Orr said the board has always been in the teacher's corner when it comes to the fight against charter schools. But now she wants to know what teachers are going to do to change the district.

"It's up to you all though to get our schools back on track," said Orr.

Orr wants the teachers to prove to the court they can improve the district academically. Teachers say they're ready for the challenge.

"We can't just stop because something went our way, we've got to keep it moving," said teacher, Kim Schwarz.

Schwarz has taught in York city schools for 26 years. She says this fight isn't just for teachers and students in Central PA, but for public education statewide.

"If we fight and win it sets precedence to what will happen to those other districts and any other districts that may be on the cusp," said Schwarz.

Schwarz doesn't want the district to go fully charter and set a precedent for other districts. That's why community support groups from Philadelphia came to show support.

"We're fighting for them to have local control of their schools.. I mean who would best know what a community needs for a school than this community," said Terrance Meacham, from Action United based in Philadelphia.

Students, like many others, hope Governor Tom Wolf will stop the receivership before the case goes back to court.

"Us students, we don't want this to happen. We're still here in this fight and I'm also here to figure out where do we go next? I know Tom Wolf is governor now... so what's happening next?" said student, Ashlee Desantis.

FOX43 spoke with Representative Kevin Schreiber who says the York county delegation met with Gov. Wolf Wednesday about the issue. Schreiber says Wolf made a point during the meeting to note that while this situation is singular to York right now, it's not unique, and that many districts are struggling academically. Schreiber says he left the meeting feeling optimistic about the district's appeal moving forward.