Comcast changes customer name to A-hole on bill

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Comcast is notorious for poor customer service, but this latest blunder might be a new low.

The company actually changed a customer’s name to A-hole Brown, from Ricardo Brown, on a bill after he canceled the cable service.

The story was first reported on a consumer advocate blog by Christopher Elliott.

The customer’s wife, Lisa Brown, told Elliott that she was “never rude” to the Comcast reps she spoke to over the phone. She wanted to cancel the cable portion of her account because the family was having financial difficulties.

“We have spoken with our customer and apologized for this completely unacceptable and inappropriate name change,” a Comcast spokeswoman told CNNMoney Thursday.

The company is currently conducting an investigation to find out how this happened and will take steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Comcast is fully aware of its reputation for bad customer service, and has apologized for it before.

In one of the more public incidents, Comcast customer Ryan Block posted a recording of an eight-minute phone call in which a rep refused to cancel his service.

The company has vowed to fix its service problem, but admits that it won’t happen overnight.

“It may take a few years before we can honestly say that a great customer experience is something we’re known for,” a Comcast exec wrote in a company blog post in September.



  • Dave G

    I took us almost 6 months to get Comcast to cancel my deceased mother-in-law’s account and get a credit. I will never have Comcast…ever. I would rather watch paint dry than deal with their customer service.

  • OneMan'sOpinion

    It could take as little as a year for Comcast to change Customer Service. They do not have the incentive to do so. Remember the days when Suscom was trying to get approval for Comcast to buy them out? All of the consumer complaints about Comcast were ignored and the sale went through. Who gets to shoulder the blame now? A big “I told you so” rally could close down the city. Or should we call it a vigil like they do for all of the calls for peace and harmony and senseless violence to stop? Yeah, let’s call it a vigil.

  • Joe

    Comcast trains its people to be ignorant. Every time I call in with a problem I get the biggest runaround – the only reason I deal with it is because they are the only ones that offer cable internet service in the area. This company isnt going to fix customer service because there is no incentive to – they hold a monopoly. Until we have a choice of cable providers they know they will always have customers so they just dont care.

  • katie

    Perhaps comcast is a bunch of assholes because we’re all assholes to them to begin with. I have their service. I have zero issues with it. I also wasn’t a dick to someone showing up to do their job or rude to someone on the receiving end of a unpleasant phone call.
    We all have jobs, it’s not their personal fault you are having an issue with your service. The only thing Comcast is guilty of, is allowing their employees to have a voice when customers are rude. Anyone in customer service, understands. Stop being so damn judgemental and get over yourselves.

    • Shane

      I had comcast for 6 years and for the most part didn’t have many issues. Then towards the end of the time I had them was when everything started. I continually had trouble with signals and everytime I called, I was as polite as I could be explaining the issue and received attitude from the rep when I would ask to have a technician sent out (since rebooting my box, and then unplugging it and plugging it back in again didn’t work). Every time a tech did come out I HAD TO PAY FOR IT, and he would be there for 5 mins and say he couldn’t find a problem. That’s sh***y service. Regardless of any opinion about anything. If I’m paying for the service AND for the tech to come out, something should be fixed.

      Then, I had financial issues and couldn’t make my last 2 payments before they cancelled my service. I had no problem with them dropping me, I understood why. But, a year later when I had gotten things back together and I called to make the payment I got sent to 3 different people who didn’t know how to take a payment, and a 4th that said she couldn’t take a payment. So I got on their online chat and talked to someone who then gave me a “different” number to call to make the payment. When I called it my only option was to set up new service. It’s been 2 years and still NOBODY at comcast can tell me how to get this balance paid.

      That’s not opinions there, that’s facts that comcast needs to get their s*** together.

  • Frederick Altland

    Got my bill for Jaunary and it was $409. I emailed them and told them about it. I recieved a call from the corporate offices and the lady I talked to told me a person will call me to get a package I can afford. I settled on the Double Play which I was told it was $109 and change a month. I ask the guy what will the total be becuase they can’t help feeing you to death. I was told $137 a month. Sure enough I got an email later that day and I was told the total of my new package deal was $161 and change a month. So I sent all my proof to Pa’s AG office and was called last week to again get my bill down. Five minutes after I hung up the only thing I could get on my Comcast DVR was HBO. Nothing else. I chatted with how many people and got no help. I finally called someone that knew what she was doing. I got an email today stating my bill was ready and again it’s was wrong. When my package was changed it was on January 3. My billing cycle goes from the 7th of every month to the 6th of the following month. I paid all of my balance off that I owed. But my new bill says I owe $223 right away. Comcast needs to be shut down. They are cooking the books. People you need to read your bill EVERY month because they will try to rip you off every chance they get. It’s over for a lot of people if they are allowed to merge with Time Warner. Comcast needs to be broken up like AT&T (landline) was in the 80’s. They owed everything. You had to pay $80 a month for local phone service with a party line. This meant you shared a line with you neighbor. If they were on the phone you had to wait until they hung up.

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