Despite veto threat, U.S. Senate passes Keystone XL pipeline bill

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WASHINGTON, DC (WPMT) The U.S. Senate, despite a threat of a presidential veto, approves by a vote of 62 to 36, a bill that gives the green light to the long stalled Keystone XL pipeline.

The pipeline, which would run from Alberta, Canada to Nebraska, would allow crude oil to flow all the way to the Gulf Coast. The completion of the pipeline is expected to create manufacturing jobs in Pennsylvania, boost thousands of construction jobs nationally, and establish a reliable supply of energy.

The bipartisan vote is five shy of what the Senate needs to override a promised veto by the Obama Administration.

Nonetheless, the bill’s passage drew praise from U.S. Senator Pat Toomey.

“Today’s vote is a strong, bipartisan signal to the President that the American people are ready for the thousands of good jobs the Keystone XL Pipeline will support,” said Sen. Toomey.

“The bill we passed is a common-sense, bipartisan measure that increases our energy security and grows our economy. Hopefully, the White House will reconsider its opposition to a pro-jobs infrastructure project that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have endorsed.

“After watching years of dysfunction, it’s also refreshing to see the Senate getting back to work, voting on amendments, and allowing more open debate. With new leadership in charge, we have restored the Senate to the deliberative body it long was, which is healthy for our democracy and helps ensure that our constituents are best served.”

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