Manhunt for bank bandit dressed in camouflage

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BERKS COUNTY, PA (WPMT) Police in Berks County are on the look for bank robbery suspect dressed in camouflage. It happened about 10:41 am at the Tompkins Vist Bank, 3401 Pricetown Road, in Ruscombmanor Township.

State Police say the bandit walked into the bank dressed in a camouflage colored trench coat with a hoodie over his head and face. He went to a teller and demanded money and implied that he had a weapon. He then left the bank with some cash.

Investigators believe this latest robbery is connected to last Wednesday robbery of the Nation Penn Bank in Reading.

PSP -Reading in conjunction with Reading City Police are seeking to locate Jason Lee Serrano for questioning in the robbery.


  • OneMan'sOpinion

    It’s like saying they are searching for a suspect in blue jeans. If a proper photo was presented to the public, we may be able to identify him. Why waste our time telling us about a robbery with nothing more than he had a camouflage coat on. It’s winter and hunters are wearing camo coats all over the place. If it was summer, then it would be conspicuous.

  • secondmans opinion

    If you zoom in you can actually make out some facial features, that someone familiar with the suspect may recognize. That’s why they post stories like this. Onemans opinion needs to find a better way to use his time. Instead of making comments on every news story, that are neither witty or intellectual.

    • OneMan'sOpinion

      Nice try. I don’t have capability nor time to try to zoom in on each bad photo of local wanted people in the news. Zooming should be done before posting for the public’s help.
      PS: I do not comment on every story. Only the stories that I feel like blogging to, especially if I have a smartass or sarcastic response. More people need to spout off about local news. Let your opinion be heard and criticized, thank you very muchly.

    • OneMan'sOpinion

      I’m ignorant of camo types. Camo is just camo to me. As shown (without a zoom), he pretty much looks like any other white guy wearing camo.

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