Super Bowl ad brings attention to domestic violence

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A powerful Super Bowl ad is bringing attention to domestic violence, focusing on how emergency operators respond to certain calls when a victim can't say what's happening.

In the ad from the group "No More," a woman is heard calling 911 to "order pizza," but as the call goes on, the operator realizes she's in danger. Locally, emergency operators in Dauphin County also deal with these situations. Officials say operators walk a fine line when taking calls that may sound like a prank.

"You just take whatever information you can garner," Emergency Management Director Steve Libhart said,  "and if you have to ask simple yes or no questions and you just get, 'Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh,' that's enough."

Advocates against domestic violence say this ad can create a discussion about stopping the violence.

"We need good men to step up and say they are going to take an active part in ending domestic violence," said Ellen Kramer, Legal Director for the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Violence. "Men need to talk to their sons and their brothers and their peers, and help one another to understand that strength does not mean power and control. It's only through this messaging that we're going to together be able to end domestic violence."

The ad is set to air just after the second quarter beings on Sunday. You can watch it in its entirety by clicking here.

According to county offcials, police can be dispatched to incidents within 45 seconds of receiving a call, and operators will always try to stay on the line if possible. Those who need help can also text 911 in Dauphin County. Officials in other counties in Central Pennsylvania, including York County, hope to have this capability by the end of the year.


  • OneMan'sOpinion

    Saying that domestic violence is going to end is unrealistic and actually sounds like fantasy. Be real. Domestic violence is occurring everywhere, often. I don’t think many victims and offenders even know what exactly constitutes DV or whether they think their situation is “different” and “normal”.

  • xds45

    A little tit-bit about your 45 seconds.
    1. if you call on a cellphone you must give were you are located. What they do on TV shows to triangulate were you are takes time. Dispatcher can not just hit a button and find you. Always call on a land line if one is available.
    2. Don’t treat the dispatcher like they are idiots, by calling them names. They have protocols to follow. Just get to the point of what going on if you can, they don’t need to hear you life story. The more you call them names or useless info at them the long it will take.
    3. Police my be dispatched in 45 sec, but they might be busy on another call, and he still have drive time.

    This was a good video the woman talked clear and calm she did not yell, got the address and had to go a round-a-bout way of letting them know what’s going on.

    • OneMan'sOpinion

      1) Will be really terrific when the 911 dispatchers CAN press a button and locate you on a cell. I can press a button on my GPS and be located in a few seconds.
      2) I’ve reported things to 911 where they repeat the same questions and do not accept the answers you give them. If I don’t know if anyone is injured in the wreck, I just don’t know. Period.
      3) Some calls I’ve had take in excess of 2 minutes before the dispatch out. If I say, “white man firing gun at people on Elementary school playground at 10th and Main in Farttown”, I expect a quicker dispatch and more questions while the drive time is being made. Start to send an ambulance before solid confirmation that someone was shot because there’s a pretty fair possibility that someone was or will be.

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