“Grounddog” in Harrisburg predicts early Spring

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Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse took part in a “Grounddog” celebration on Saturday. The unique take on the traditional Groundhog’s Day took place at the Conoy Street Kiddie Park in the city’s Shipoke neighborhood.

The four-legged guest of honor was “Shipoke Sheena.” Local artists, musicians and food vendors helped create a warm environment for those attending on quite a chilly day.

Mayor Papenfuse say it is a great way to bring the community together and it’s fun for the entire family.

“We’ve got the entire neighborhood out here on a very cold Saturday morning all having a good fellowship and good cheer, and I think it speaks to the persevering spirit of “Shipokians” and it also speaks to the optimism that we have in Harrisburg that things are continuing to get better and the sky is continuing to clear,” Mayor Papenfuse says.

“Shipoke Sheena” predicted we will have an early Spring!