Second lawsuit filed against Gov. Tom Wolf on behalf of Erik Arneson

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A second lawsuit has been filed against Governor Tom Wolf, demanding he reinstate Erik Arneson as Executive Director of the Office of Open Records.

Pennsylvanians For Union Reform, filed the suit in Commonwealth Court on Friday. It’s seeking an injunction to prevent the office from ruling until Arneson is back at the head of the agency.

Arenson was appointed the job by former Governor Tom Corbett less than two weeks before Wolf’s inauguration. This lawsuit was the second filed in connection with Arneson’s firing.

On January 26th, Senate Republicans and Arneson also filed suit against Wolf, saying he does not have the authority to remove him from the position. A hearing in that case is scheduled for Wednesday.


  • dan casale

    what don’t arneson understand? is it “I don’t want you! or I am the new governor and I want my own people!!!! why don’t you greedy republicans back off and go do something of value I know it will be new for you to actually do something of value for a change , but try it the people you represent will be thank full !!!

    • secondmans opinion

      If you were in his shoes, I’m sure you wouldn’t be happy about losing your job. Especially when you’ve only had it for two weeks. If democrats really cared so much about the working man, then why immediately take someone’s job away from them. Oh thats right, its because they don’t really care.

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