Conoy Township warns visitors: “Not a gun-free zone”

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A Lancaster County town is arming its perimeter with new welcome signs. In Conoy Township, public officials say most households are protected by guns, and they say visitors should know that.

“Welcome to Conoy Township,” says the welcome sign, “This is not a Gun-Free Zone.” 16 of the signs will be posted around the township.

“You know, we’re all river rats and rednecks and we like it that way,” says Bob Gebhard of Conoy Township.

The town, with a population of about 3,300, is full of hunters, and Conoy Township Supervisor Steve Mohr estimates 87 percent of households are protected by guns.

He came up with the idea because of recent robberies in nearby areas.

"I'm hoping the first image is that these people are pretty nice, they're putting the welcome sign out for us," says Mohr. "And it's only the ones that are coming with ulterior motives that even the 'Not a gun-free zone' will even sink into."

Residents say they like the signs.

"Don't take it personal," says Ken Ebersole of Conoy Township. "Self-defense, protect your property, home invasions, it's getting out of control."

The Supervisors' office was fielding calls from national gun organizations all day. They say it's the first town in the country to post signs like these.

"You're welcome to Conoy Township, it's just follow the rules and the regulations," says Mohr.


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