Sen. Bob Casey unveils bill for small business aid

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There's a new bill being unveiled that is aimed at helping small businesses.

Senator Bob Casey revealed the legislation at Little Amps Coffee Roasters in Harrisburg on Friday. If passed, the bill would allow businesses like the coffee shop to more quickly write down the cost of infrastructure improvements. Restaurants and retail stores throughout the state could more easily finance expansion or physical improvements by recovering the cost in 15 years as opposed to the 39 years it takes currently.

Casey says the goal is to help businesses grow.

"Two point four million people are employed in small businesses in Pennsylvania," the Senator said, "We want to make sure that number keeps growing. We want to make sure that those business owners, in a world of often grave and difficult uncertainty, have at least one measure of certainty."

Casey is urging Congress to pass the bill this year.

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  • Joe

    Nice to see the sleepy senator out and about for a change. Rumor has it he’ll be awake for his re-election. Brigadoon Boy never ceases to amaze!

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