York County locals contribute to gift bags for Grammy Awards

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A little bit of York County is included in this year's gift bags at the Grammy Awards!

Ladies in Hanover got the chance to contribute their work for this year's gift bags.  The bags are given to award presenters and promoters at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California.

10th time Grammy Award nominee, Peter Kater, enlisted the help of Hanover resident, Trisha Bowden, to make something unique for the goodie bag.  Bowden, along with Michelle Li Murphy and Norma Hildebrand, came up with the idea to wrap three of Kater's CD'S together in a silk scarf with a hand-painted design.  They only had one week to make 180 painted scarves.

Murphy says the most exciting part is the fact that three female entrepeuners came together and were able to get the project done on time and beautifully represent the area with their talent and work.

It really goes to show that you don't have to be from a big city to have big dreams.

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