Minimum wage workers march on state Capitol

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Minimum wage workers marched at the state Capitol led by Democratic lawmakers. They’re supporting Democrats’ bills in the state Senate and the House that would raise the wage to $10.10.

They chanted “Can’t Survive on $7.25” which is the current minimum wage in PA. It hasn’t been raised in several years.

“Right now it’s a poverty wage, $7.25 an hour,” says Charlie Crystle, a supporter who the CEO of Lancaster Food Company. “I doubt that you can live on that, most people certainly can’t.”

But opponents say raising the wage would force businesses to cut some jobs and workers’ hours.

“There are also going to be many who are negatively impacted, whether it’s an employer who can no longer afford to expand their business, or a worker who sees their hours reduced,” says Alex Halper of the PA Chamber for Business and Industry.

York County Republican, state Senator Scott Wagner is also drafting a bill to raise the minimum wage, to $8.75 an hour; he says $10.10 is too high.

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