4-legged York County Lieutenant needs your help in paying for vet bills

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A K-9 with the York County Sheriff’s office had some surgery and now his vet bills are adding up. Your help is needed so Lieutenant Lou can continue to fight crime.

Lou is a 7-year-old Blood Hound. He's an expert at tracking criminals. But sometimes he has to put his work at the York County Sheriff's office on hold. Most recently, he had a tumor removed from his chest.

Sergeant Sam Shipley is Lou's handler. He says, "He has his moments, like a kid in a doctor's office, but he's a good patient."

To help cover the costs of vet bills and training for members of the department, the officers are selling these challenge coins. For $10 you get a collector's items that shows off Lou's handsome mug.

Shipley says, "I belong to a couple of organizations with challenge coins. If I'm challenged, I might have to buy everybody a round of beer, if I don't have my coin."

Anyone who owns a pet knows vet bills can be very expensive. By purchasing a coin, you'll help keep Lou healthy and active in his ability to crack crime.

Shipley says, "Most of the time, our tracking takes place in wooded areas, he has to be in good shape to go up and down areas and he may have to work long hours."

If you'd like a coin, contact Sergeant Shipley at Stshipley@yorkcountypa.gov. Or Deputy Director, Shelley M Creasy, at smcreasy@ycdes.org.

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