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Bill would mandate interlocks for first-time DUI offenders

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Some lawmakers met on Tuesday to show support for Senate Bill 290, which would mandate that first time DUI offenders who had an illegal blood alcohol level of .10 or more use an ignition interlock on their car.

The interlocks test a driver’s breath for alcohol before allowing the car to operate. Current PA law requires the interlocks for second-time or subsequent offenses.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving attended the event to show support for the bill. They say more than 30 other states have enacted the interlock law for first-time offenders, and some of those states have seen a sharper decline in drunk driving deaths as a result.

“We’re losing a little more than a life a day to drunk drivers in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” says state Senator John Rafferty (R-Montgomery County).

Rafferty says the bill has bipartisan support and he expects it to pass this session.


  • OneMan'sOpinion

    If breathalyzers were provided in bars to allow patrons to assess their own sobriety, it could lead to even better decisions not to drive. Dollar for the jukebox or the pool table, no problem. How about a dollar to see how close you are to making a bad decision?

  • First DUI Offense

    The Ignition Interlock for a first DUI offense is one of the latest penalties that is now required in most states for a first-time DUI offense charge. As discussed further at, these new Ignition Interlock requirements and penalties for a first DUI offense, are designed to help prevent the dangers of a repeat DUI offense from occurring in the future.

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