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Family of man killed by police: “We’re not getting any answers”

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The family of the Dauphin County man who was shot and killed by a Hummelstown police officer is speaking out.

59-year-old David Kassick was fatally shot by Officer Lisa Mearkle in South Hanover Township, after he fled from a traffic stop.

“He was a gentle person,” says his sister, Diane Fetters. “He didn’t deserve to die.”

His family attended the Hummelstown Borough Council meeting Thursday night. They say they want to know what happened during the “altercation” and why he was shot.

Hummelstown Police Chief Charles Dowell offered the family his personal condolences at the meeting. But the Council said they could not discuss details of the case.

State Police and the Dauphin County District Attorney are handling the investigation.
State Police said Thursday it could take months.

“It was a one on one incident, so we don’t understand what’s taking so long, we would like to know what happened and we’re not getting any answers,” says Fetters.

The family wants an outside investigation. Mearkle is a 14-year police veteran in Dauphin County.

To learn more about Justice For David Now and the petition, click here.


  • OneMan'sOpinion

    It does not matter what the answers are, you would not accept it. Let the investigation take it’s course. Evidence for conviction or justification must be analyzed among all the other silly little things that happen here that they must investigate, too.

  • Joe

    OMG – you want an answer? Here is the only answer that matters – this idiot did not stop for routine traffic stop. There is no malice in a police officer stopping someone for an expired inspection sticker. NEWS ALERT that is their job! If someone is stupid enough to run from the police, they are putting other peoples lives in jeopardy – period – enough whining already. If this guy had just stopped and let the police do their job then he would be alive now and that’s the entire story.
    Oh I forgot…its fashionable now to whine about the police, so by all means lets jump on the bandwagon for our 15 minutes of fame.

    • tiredofthebs

      Well said, it is refreshing to finally read replies from people with common sense.
      My inspection sticker expires next month, i might just skip my inspections and wait to get pulled over so i can make the news and try to sue everybody too….

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