Health educators warn parents about trending substance abuse; vodka-soaked tampons

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Kids are learning about ways to use household items to get high and drunk. Some of the trends are outrageous, like teens using feminine products soaked in alcohol.

Health educators at Byrnes Health Education Center are speaking to parents about what their kids could be abusing. This week they sat down with parents at Reynolds Middle School for "Drugs 101."
Parent, Tricia Gibbs says, "I didn't do this when I was younger, so I couldn't imagine my son or daughter doing it."

But they are. Jamie Reisinger is the Director of Education Services for Byrnes. He says eighth graders are turning to household items to get high. "Inhalants are something that can be found in your own home, under a sink, bathroom, cleaning products, fairly cheap."

In addition to inhaling vapors from items underneath your sink, teens are also tampering with a most unusual trend, vodka soaked tampons, also known as "Vodpons."

Reisinger says the abuse can be attributed to Internet use. He says, "The explosion of the Internet and technology where information can be shared quickly, it's a trend."

After Drugs 101, Tricia went home and talked with her eighth grade son about the trends. She feels better knowing they're educated.

Tricia says, "I would hope he would come to me or another adult so we could get him help."

For more information, contact the Byrnes Health Education Center.