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Mayor Kim Bracey holds conference to help end bullying

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In the U.S. along, more than 12 million kids are bullied each year. Now, Students, teachers, parents, and principals are joining York City Mayor Kim Bracey in a campaign to help put an end to that problem in schools.

The Helen Thackston Charter School along with Mayor Bracey hosted the "Ending Bullying Principal's Platform" conference on Thursday. It's part of a campaign by the U.S. conference of mayors.

The Mayor-- joined the school's principal-- spoke to students and parents in the hopes of raising awareness about bullying. Bracey says parents-- as well as teachers-- need to look for signs of bullying, and students need to speak up about what they may be seeing.

"It's not something to push under the rug, or 'it didn't happen to me today' or something like that. We need to talk about this folks; we need to address it-- report it when we see it," Bracey said.

The conference also featured a screening of the documentary "Bully" which shared the harsh realities of peer-to-peer bullying in schools across the nation. The film inspired The Bully Project-- an advocacy and educational organization. The U.S. Conference of Mayors has joined the organization for this mayors campaign.