Fugitive from Arizona killed in Berks County

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A fugitive from justice in Arizona was killed by a member of the Berks County SERT team early this morning in Reading. Richard Frank Carlin, 35, was killed when officers attempted to serve search warrants at 414 Rehr Street. Carlin and Sherry Lynn Gryszkin, 33, were both fugitives from Arizona with a laundry list of felony charges. When Arizona authorities apprehended Carlin last August in South Tuscon, Carlin fired on officers with a shotgun. Carlin was shot by police and arrested, but subsequently made bail and fled the state of Arizona.

US Marshals tracked Carlin and Gryszkin to Reading. Police say they obtained nighttime search warrants because of Carlin’s violent criminal history and his violence with law enforcement in the past.

Gryszkin was arrested inside the residence and is awaiting extradition to Arizona to face her charges.

Pennsylvania State Police will investigate the fatal shooting of Carlin.