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Women use a bra to conceal weapon in unique holster trend

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A National Rifle Association Instructor wants women to know they have options when it comes to carrying a gun.
Experienced NRA instructor, Diane Danielson, from Lancaster, encourages women who carry firearms to know their options. She says, "We need to do what's best for us. It's been such a 'this is what my husband, dad do.' Just like it is a personal choice for which gun to carry."

Her personal favorite, a holster band that wraps around your stomach.

Diane says there's a rise in female fun carriers. Last year in one program alone, she instructed 14,000 new women shooters. As the numbers increase, so do the holster trends, like one that fits beneath your bra.

Although comfortable and hidden, this option isn't always recommended.

Diane says, "Simply because safety issues with carrying in that position, having to manipulate clothing. (It) Has an accessibility problem if you have a tucked in blouse, something that you would have to raise in order to get to that firearm."

No matter where you chose to wear your weapon, Diane says it all comes back to self-protection. "We have a lot of single mothers now, we have women with deployed husbands, widows that realize they need to keep them safe."

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  • OneMan'sOpinion

    You have a better chance of getting hit by lightning or becoming a victim in an instant-death vehicle wreck than having a chance to successfully utilize your concealed weapon to protect yourself (or other people in your group). However, enjoy yourself. It is your right.

    • Pamela

      My concealed firearm saved my life in 2003 when a repeat felon attacked me. Without it, I would be dead. But, I can understand this could be intimidating for inferior males.

  • prarie princess

    This is just stupid. How are you supposed to get under your shirt and unclip it before your attacker hits you or kils you? Theres a lot of stupid women out there and this is just icing on the cake. Cool new trend spring of 2015: holster bra. Give me a break

  • prarie princess

    Pamela: was reachin for your gun the first thing you did or did you actualy try self defense? Anyone can pull out a gun and shoot.

    • Waterratt

      Prarie Princess…one thing I have learned in life is that you can’t reason with unreasonable/closed minded people. I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment when I see comments like yours. Until you have enrolled in some FA training with a qualified instructor and properly handled a firearm, you really cannot give an “educated” opinion on a matter in which you know nothing about. Here’s a quick clip of one manufacturer of this type of carry option. And remember…everyone should have the right to their preferred method of self defense. Carrying a FA IS one. It just may be different than YOURS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXluce4xdgg

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