PennDOT warns drivers: roads could be slick & snow covered

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PennDOT is warning drivers about dangerous conditions on the roads tonight and into Sunday.
The state's salt trucks began treating the roads late Saturday afternoon. More than 300 plow drivers have been at work since the snow squalls began earlier in the evening.
Frigid temperatures overnight will cause freezing though. PennDOT is also warning drivers about blowing snow on the roadways. While it's not much snow, the wind will help to coat roads that have already been plowed.
Fritzi Schreffler, PennDOT's Safety Press Officer says, "With the kind of winds that we have right now, we can take trucks through an area and within five minutes it's blown over and it's impassable or it's just dangerous to be driving on, we really don't know what to expect tomorrow."
Schreffler says crews will be treating the roads in all eight of our local counties all night long.