Air is cold but business is heating up for plumbing & heating companies

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While the air is cold for Tom Hall business is hot. Hall is a plumbing technician for Gohn & Stambaugh Inc. in York County. Like many heating and plumbing companies their phones have been ringing off the hook. “We have a lot of freeze breaks, a lot of broken pipes, leaks through ceilings like the house here, its been a little nuts. Or even no water at all,” said Hall.

FOX43 met with Hall as he stopped at a home where a frozen pipe burst. "Here they tried leaving their faucets running and it froze anyway because it is just so cold and windy," said Hall.

Sometimes leaving a faucet running can help but Hall said sometimes turning off the water can too. "For problem areas if you can isolate certain areas of the house, shut it off to those areas. Or if you have to, shut the whole  house off. I shut my house off Saturday night because of the wind just to make sure Sunday night when I woke up it wasn't broken," said Hall.

Something else, keep the pipes warm. This isn't as easy for pipes that run through a crawl space, basement, or ones that are exposed to the cold. "There's not a whole lot you can do with anything near an exterior wall is going to freeze and break," said Hall.

Not only can frozen pipes be a pain, if they burst it can be costly. Hall says the best advice is to call a plumber before the problem gets worse. "If you have no water at all, don't wait until it thaws out and starts leaking all over the place call immediately," said Hall.


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