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Isaac’s Corn Chowder

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The president of Isaac's Deli along with the marketing director and the general manager of the East York's deli stopped by Fox43 to talk about their Get Soup! Give Soup! campaign and show us how to make Isaac's Corn Chowder.

For more information: http://www.isaacsdeli.com/


QUANTITY:        1 Gallon


Ingredients Quantity Directions
Olive Oil

Onions, diced

Red Pepper, diced

Green Pepper, diced

Celery, diced

1/8 C

½ #

¼ #

¼ #

¼ #


Sauté' in hot oil until soft.





Savory Vegetable Stock

Parsley Flakes

Celery Salt


Potatoes, precut


2 Qt

1 T

1 T

1/8 C.

1¼ #

Add and bring to boil.


Reduce heat and simmer 20 minutes.


Turn off heat.






1/3 #

1/3 #


Make roux and add to thicken


Half and Half


½ Qt. Add to soup. Stir
Corn, frozen


2.5 #


Add to soup. Stir.   Complete
Soup must cool from 135º to 70º within 2 hours and then from 70º to 41º within 4 hours. Total cooling time is 6 hours. Additional methods of cooling may be required 


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