Walmart raises its starting wage

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Walmart is raising its starting wage to $9 an hour nationwide; and after six months of training, workers can then make $10 an hour.

More than 500,000 employees are getting a raise across the country. Walmart says it’s happening now because it’s good for employees, but in the past, the store has faced protests and court battles with employees over wages.

But the increase puts Walmart’s starting wage closer to where some state lawmakers want the state’s minimum wage to be: $10.10 an hour. The current wage is $7.25 an hour. In recent years, bills to raise the minimum wage have stalled. Some say Walmart’s move may pressure other employers.

“It will probably make other companies want to do that for their employees,” says Walmart department manager Giselle Martinez. “With Walmart being the first, maybe it’ll be a good example for other people.”

Martinez started at the Walmart in West Manchester Township, York County last August after staying at home to home-school her children. She was making $7.95, and was soon promoted. Now, she could see a raise to $15 an hour.

“It’s going to help me tremendously, it’s going to affect me tremendously because it’s going up,” she says.

“This whole rate of pay change and increase is going to be nothing but good for the company, good for associates, and I think it’s well-deserved,” says store manager Paul Sundholm.

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