Arctic blast brings record lows to parts of U.S.

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People in Central PA aren’t the only ones waking up to record breaking temperatures Friday morning.

More than 115 million people across 27 states are also dealing with the frigid arctic blast.

In a town called Embarrass in Northern Minnesota, temperatures hit 41 degrees below zero.

Some residents say it’s actually considered cool compared to their all-time low record of negative 57 degrees which was set back in February 1996.

Meanwhile, thousands of people are making their way to New York to check out the partially frozen Niagara Falls.

Tourism officials say they credit the beautiful winter scenery as the reason why businesses is up 67% compared to last winter.

It’s not just cold in the Northern part of the United States.

The beaches down south were also empty this week.

With places like Jacksonville, Florida only hitting 40 degrees.