York man charged with embezzling $300,000 from Wrightsville company

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YORK COUNTY, PA (WPMT) A former employee of Stewart Welding and Febrication, in Wrightsville, is charged with embezzling $300,000 from the company.  Company officials discovered that  Ryan S. Troop, of York had created an unauthorized credit and used company money to pay the card off.  Investigators say the scheme was ongoing between 2012 and 2014.

Hellam Township Police say Troop also used an authorized card provided by SWF to make similar personal purchases and then submit altered credit card statements for payments on the accounts.





  • What Ever

    The owner of SWF
    got what they deserved.
    Not an employee friendly company. Would not be surprised if evidence was fabricated against the accused.

    • BReal

      You are clearly an ex employee. Swf is very caring for there employees. They will bend over backwards to help you out. Just sucks that lame ass people like you think that they deserve it. I’d love to know who you are 😊

      • Brett Morgan

        There’s my name anonymous. funny I’m not worthy of working at McDonald’s when I have a full time job that’s pays well. Unfortunately you are a piece of shit that thinks someone deserves to be stolen from. The Stewart’s are amazing people in and out of the work place. I cold only hope something to this extent could happen to you so you know how it feels!

    • Blessed

      For you to say that the owner, or anyone for that matter deserves this to happen to them is insanity. That man created his business with only a couple thousand dollars out of a garage. He was capable to built it to be something that over a hundred plus employees earn their incomes from to support their families. He continues to build it despite his poor health condition. Mr. Ryan Troop felt he was above the rest of his coworkers, his own boss and family and above the system by committing the crimes that HE alone committed. The pain and suffering and betrayal he has afflicted in the innocent are far beyond the loss of any amount of money. The only type of people who can consciously do something like that are people who will never learn from their actions. These types of people need to be removed from the community because who knows what they are true eve capable of. The people who condone it and enable it, people like you “WHAT EVER”, are just as pathetic as the person who committed this crime. The Good news is that the Owner and SWF will not allow for selfishness to prevent them from conquering on and serving the rest of their deserving, honest employees and their families. As for you “WHAT EVER” and Mr. Troop, you will continue to live your life in insanity being true pathetic, wishing you could be at least 1% of the honest, hardworking and determined man that the Owner of SWF is.

    • penny lane

      Hey whateeeevvvveeerrrrrrrr….I would pay whateeeevvvveeerrrr I could to see you be strong enough to not hide your name…you want to act all strong and use your little fingers to type some uneducated paragraph but not strong enough to let us all see your true identity. Now move along with what I’m sure is not much of anything especially where it counts and continue in your vaperless existence. ;*

  • SWF

    This Ryan Troop is a disgrace to the human race. Sad that he won’t spend an hour in jail and probably not pay the money back.

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