Two Mechanicsburg men found with 243 bags of heroin

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Two men have been arrested for drug trafficking in Cumberland County.

Benjamin K. Irvin, 24 and Dylan S. Turpin, 22, both of 105 E. Allen St. were arrested Saturday and taken to Cumberland County Central Booking.

In December, the Mechanicsburg Police Department along with the Cumberland County Drug Task Force, opened an investigation into heroin drug trafficking originating in the area of East Allen Street in Mechanicsburg.

The Mechanicsburg Police, the Cumberland County Special Response Team and the Cumberland County Drug Task Force served a search warrant just after 6 a.m. Saturday at 105 E. Allen St.

The investigation is ongoing, and the search warrant has been judicially sealed.

The search warrant was served without incident, police said. No one was injured and no shots were fired.

Investigators found 243 bags of suspected heroin; suspected cocaine; suspected marijuana, suspected illegal prescription medications; drug paraphernalia, a stolen Glock 9mm pistol; ammunition and almost $2,000 in cash according to police.

Investigators also seized a Cadillac CTS sedan, jewelry, and electronics believed to be purchased with drug proceeds and/or used in drug transactions.

Officials said Irvin is on state parole for previous drug charges and Turpin is on county parole for various charges.

They will be arraigned on various charges, including possession with intent to deliver controlled substances.


  • OneMan'sOpinion

    Gee, I guess these boys should not have received parole and the people who granted it should be investigating what signs they missed that these two would further be a nuisance to life and dregs on society.


    The manager/landlord of those apts on 105 E. Allen allowed so much obvious illegal activity from tenants! Moved in and not even a month later was creeped out by a heroin addict approaching me weirdly while putting something in the car. The landlord/manager should be investigated as well. She did some shady things! Allowing so called maintance men into apts, not knowing when or what they were doing in the apts, left door wide open to tenants apt the whole day so these addicts could take what they pleased…. Poor management all around. I’m NOT SURPRISED this took place there! Why I got out asap after getting a feel for how that particular apt complex is. Would not suggest it to be anyone’s place of residence, unless by the police for an investigation.

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