110 to lose jobs at Hanover shoe distribution center

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YORK COUNTY, PA (WPMT) C&J Clark Americas Inc., has filed a “warn” notice with the Pa Dept. of Labor and Industry, that it intends to layoff 110 workers at the company’s 240 Kindig Lane Distribution Center in Hanover, York County.

The company says it is transitioning logistics operations from there and it’s facility at 26 Barnhart Drive to a new 451,000 foot distribution center across the street at 355 Kindig Lane.  The new facility employs leading edge technology that will support the company shipping millions of shoes each year.  The Barnhart Drive facility will also be permanently closed at a future date.

According to Christopher Bentley, Vice President of Logistics, the terminations at 240 Kindig Lane will begin on or about April 10, 2015. The company filed the 60 day notice of closure earlier this month.

Clark is one of the worlds largest footwear companies. It manufactures Clarks England and Bostonian brands.

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    A modern facility yes right if you never made a pickup the then you don’t know. A cluster F if you know what I mean.

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